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Gerald Parsons Award

Nominees for this award may be accepted and voted on at the September board meeting. Nominees may be
living or deceased. Anyone nominating someone must present a brief bio of the nominee. After the voting, all
the nominees and their bios are given to the secretary. The secretary will be responsible for presenting the 
nominees that were not selected at the next go around at the next September board meeting. This affords
those who were not nominated a continuning chance each year to get the award. Nominees do not have to be
society members, however, they must have made a substantial contribution to the field of genealogy in CNY.
The person who is nominating a candidate must be willing to obtain the plaque and make the presentation
at the October society conference. If the person who nominated a candidate is no longer on the board they
would be notified of the voting and would be expected to make the presentation at the October conference.
If an awardee cannot make it to the conference, the plaque would be received on his or her behalf in absentia.
The awardee if present would also be invited to lunch with the conference guest speaker.
Gerald James Parsons, 1924-2003
Noted genealogist Gerald James Parsons of Syracuse, New York, died on December 29, 2003, at age seventy-
nine. Mr Parsons served as head of the Local History and Genealogy Department of the Onondaga County
Public Library in Syracuse from 1958 until his retirement in 1986. A member of numerous genealogical and 
hereditary societies, he was a past contributing editor of The American Genealogist and was a Fellow of the
American Society of Genealogists. He was perhaps best known for his genealogical work on the Parsons
family of the Connecticut River Valley, publishing several volumes on the family.
The Awardees
2008 F. Richard Barr
2009 Harold Witter
2010 George (Ron) Krahl
2011  Barbara Baker Schwarting   
2012 Diana Griffin Law
2013 Joyce Hawthorne Cook
2014 Nancy Wheaton Bell
2014 Ralph C. Best
2015  Tom Tryniski
2015 Roger Reid
2016 Clarissa Stalknecht
2016 Diane and Larry White
2017 Paul Fleischmann
2018 -- 2020 No Award
2021 Holly Sammons