Central New York Genealogical Society
Central New York Genealogical Society Image: Sam McGuire

Join/Renewal using paper

We are so glad that you are interested in becoming a member, or wish to renew your membership to the CNYGS. Your membership helps support our presentations, SIG classes and internet website.
If you prefer to Join/Renew by mail please print the Join/Renew form and mail it along with your check to:
In 2021 the membership Join/Renewal amounts are:
Individual - Electronic Tree Talks                              $30.00
Family (2 persons) - Electronic Tree Talks                $40.00
Institutional                                                                $30.00
Gift membership                                                        $30.00
Individual - Mailed Tree Talks                                    $50.00
Family (2 persons) - Mailed Tree Talks                     $50.00
Box 104 Colvin Station
Syracuse, NY 13205-0104
If you have any questions or problems in Joining or Renewing please send an email to contact@cnygs.org and someone will get in touch with you ASAP.