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What's On Your Mind?
By Nancy Maliwesky
Have you ever thought your research might make a good story, or thought you would like to share something
you learned, but weren't ready to submit an article to a journal or magazine? If so, a blog article might be the
perfect way to dip your big toe in the publishing pool. As a member, you are encouraged to submit one to two
page articles for publication on the blog. Our blog editing staff will proofread your article and reserves the
right to makecorrections to spelling and grammer. If the article you submit is quite lengthy, we might suggest
breaking it up into more than one blog article. Please remember that, as a volunteer organization, we cannot
pay you for your articles. You will, however, retain copyright of your material and are free to submit it for
publication elsewhere. Authors are also welcome to include photographs in their article, but please make
sure that you have the right to reproduce the image, as we cannot be held responsible for any copyright
To submit an article for publication, please use the Web Contact Form which can be found in our Contact